Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Storage Bores

I'm a big fan of the original Storage Wars. The characters are hilarious, richly layered and wildly entertaining: Barry, the good time Charlie, Daryl, the valley boy-surfer dude gone to seed, Dave, the ruthless predator and Brandi and Jarrod, the battling lovebirds (What a smok'n hot babe like Brandi is doing with a shlub like him is a mystery).

So of course I had to watch the premier last night of New York Storage Wars. And, well, it kind of sucked. Worse yet, it was boring. The characters were flat and uninspiring. The puns fell flat -- and I love puns. Really uninspiring and uninteresting.

We'll see if it gets better, but it seems like Storage Wars may be about to become Storage Bores. I'll take a  little Barry banter and Brandi trash talking over this any day.


  1. Sarah and Becky love SW. A certain stuffed animal in our house imitates Dave's "YU-U-U-P!" in falsetto. Did you see that Dave is suing the show, claiming stuff was planted in the lockers? Shocking, I know:,0,2606219.story. I've also read that Barry is very wealthy and chick magnet to women of a certain age.

  2. I'd never seen this show till last night and was unfortunate enought to catch both "Texas" and "NY" wars.. Not impressed. Give me the PBS knock-off any day,