Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to Chris Hoffman New Haven

Welcome to my new blog, Chris Hoffman New Haven. What's it about? Good question. I'm just going to start posting and see where the ride takes me.

A few things I'm sure of, at least in the short term: I'll post about cooking and baking. I'll regularly put up pictures of the gnome welcome sign and the frog at the entrance to my house. I expect to post links to certain stories I write. And I hope to make some videos about cooking and other subjects.

My goal is to be interesting, thought provoking and entertaining. I hope I succeed. 


  1. Hi Chris, that's a good way to start. I started that way too and the ride for the past 7 years was wonderful. Happy blogging!

    P/S: I love the topics you will be writing about: food, language, books, arts... so bring 'em on!

    1. Thanks so much Alice for your interest and encouragement! Hope I can meet expectations.