Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sweet Child of Mine

Check out Camille and Kennerly, the Harp Twins. Brilliant and bizarre at the same time. I'm surprised at how good Sweet Child of Mine sounds on the harp. Maybe there's more to Guns 'N Roses than Axl Rose's snarl.

I found this video while researching the harp, which my daughter has decided that she wants to play. The harp, it turns out, is a close cousin to the ancient lyre and one of the world's oldest instruments, dating back to ancient Mesopotamia.

Plus there's Harpo Marx, one of my daughter's inspirations for taking up the instrument. She loves Marx Brothers movies.

Funny thing about Harpo, as hilarious as he is, he's always dead serious when he plays the harp.



  1. You've got me listening to harp artists on youtube. Here's one your daughter might like: harp and violin.

  2. Truly an amazing, fascinating & beautiful instrument!

  3. Just watched the video! Brilliant and bizarre says it perfectly :D